About - José Manuel Cruz


José Manuel is a Los Angeles based, Mexican-American Photographer and Filmmaker. A self-taught artist, José Manuel began shooting fashion when he was 16 years old.

José Manuel has been creating stories for a variety of clientele. To date, he has photographed for Hallmark™, Bungalow 20, SPARK Magazine, Naturally Fit Magazine, Meraki Rebels™, No Label Productions, and many others.

Known for an adept use of color and lighting, his skillfully composed, often clean and minimalistic, images transcend the boundaries of their delivery medium.

José Manuel takes pride in his ability to capture each individual in the best way possible. His innate understanding of human emotion, coupled with his mastery of technical composition, elevates his art direction to another level.

José Manuel does not simply take photos- he crafts stories and tailors experiences to the most minute detail. He counts on a team of talented and experienced MUAs and stylists to execute each vision to completion.

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